Sri Mujungavu Parthasarathi  Krishna Deva Temple

Kumbala 671 321.



Om Sri Parthasarathi Namaha



Kasaragod is noted for its temple. Among the famous temple here, Kavu, also known as Mujungavu and Mujungare, is one. It is situated about 5 kms to the east of Kumbla. The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Parthasarathi Krishna. In front of the temple there is a large lake considered to be equal to holy Kaveri in Sanctity. It is said that the sage Muchukunda who performed penance here, established the temple. The association of the name of the sage with the place has bestowed on it a glory of its own.

         On Tula Sankramana day devotees assemble in large numbers in the temple. They lake a bath in the holy lake and worship the Lord. The Water of the lake has the unique power of curing skin diseases. Devotees offer handfuls of rice and horse gram to the holy water, go round the tank, take a bath and then proceed to the temple for worship. Sri Parthasarathi Krishna fulfils their desires.

Sanctum Sanctorum Namaskara Mantapa

       Devotees come to this Tirtha Kshetra to celebrate Poorva Samskaras such as Namakarana, Annaprasana, Upanayana, Vivaha etc. Devotees come to this holy place to perform Uttara Kriya (funeral rites) such as Shraddhas etc. for the welfare of the departed souls. To provide accommodation to the devotees Guest Houses with convenience like water supply ect. Have to be constructed.

On Sankramana day free midday food is provided to the devotees. On Tula Sankramana day Annadana is arranged to more than 25 thousand devotees. There is a shortage of cooking and other vessels. These are to be purchased. For all these purposes we need an amount of more then Rs.30 Lakhs.

The Temple depends upon the benevolence of the generous devotees for all the development activities.